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One of the most challenging works for web designers is to design a website that is friendly to elderly users. Note that you may benefit from making your website friendly to seniors for older folks have a lot of time to spend and money as well. The key in making your services and products available to seniors is to make your website as friendly as possible to elderly users. Here are web design tips to help you:

Make Fonts Larger. Have you seen keyboards that are specifically for the use of the elderly? You can see high contrast keyboards as well as large type-faced ones. This is to facilitate ease of use for the elderly. As such, designing your website to have large type-faced fonts are essential in order to facilitate ease of use for the elderly.

Avoid Flashing Advertisements. Attention-grabbing advertisements may be great for kids. However, for the elderly, it can be downright irritating and may hurt the eyes. Take note that most elderly wear glasses and such flashing ads will reflect on their reading glasses, which can cause eye strain. You beat the purpose of making your website elderly-user friendly if you have ads that flash light Christmas lights.

Avoid Complex Layouts. Residents in a Bluebird Care (West Minster & City of London) facility may take interest in learning how to use the computer. This can be a part of their leisure activities, especially in the afternoon when there’s nothing much to do or therapies to go to.  Layouts that make navigating confusing is not beneficial as it would make teaching, showing and learning the basics of using the computer more difficult. Chances are, the elderly may not stay too long when they reach your website as they feel anxious whenever they do.

Ensure that most tasks will entail clicking of the mouse. For instance, you availed of care at home Mayfair services for your old folks at home. You are confident that someone will look after them when you are away on a business trip. You would want to talk to them via the internet messaging services instead of calling them, right? Calls may become too costly. As such, it would be great to have the senior learn how to use the computer. If you have a website design that can facilitate typing by clicking the letters on the screen, that would be a great plus factor, right? The elderly will be using the services as well as their children. Sounds like hitting two birds with one stone, right?

Avoid using embedded links on words. When you want an elderly to go to a particular page, it is best to use “click here,” “go here,” “go to this page.” This is an obvious link to them and is a clear indication that they are going to that page instead of embedding links in keywords.

With an elderly-user friendly website, you are in a better position to attract more visitors to your website. It is just logical to design a website that is meant to service the elderly be friendly for the elderly.