SDDC Contests


Fall 2006 Political Pundit Contests

Thirteen folks entered the 2006 national pundit contest, many more than in recent years. Forty correct picks would have a perfect score. The Top 10 entrants (in reverse order) are:

10 – Elizabeth Leventhal (27 correct picks); Elizabeth was 9th in the state/local contest. 9 – Jeri Dilno (28 correct picks); Jeri was 2nd in the state/local contest. 8 – Christopher Ward (28 correct picks also, but closer on the tiebreaker question of the Democrats’ net gains in Senate, House and governors’ seats) 7 – Sean Wherley (29 correct picks) 6 – Alex Sachs (29 correct picks also but closer on the tiebreaker); Alex placed 6th in the state/local contest also. Only Alex correctly predicted that Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) would get reelected. 5 – Bill Collins (30 correct picks) 4 – Todd Gloria (30 correct picks also but closer on the tiebreaker – in fact, in predicting a net gain of 48, Todd was the participant closest to the actual net gain of 43) 3 – Terry Abrams (33 correct picks); Terry placed 5th in the state/local contest. 2 – Jess Durfee (33 correct picks also but closer on the tiebreaker); Jess was the winning pundit in the state/local contest and is the only Top Three finisher in both contests.

1 – Our champion national pundit for Fall 2006 is Ed Lehman, who called 34 races correctly (Ed placed 8th in the state/local contest)! Only Ed correctly called the reelection of Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH) and the win of freshman Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) over Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth.

Lehman and Abrams, as well as local pundit medalists Dilno and Michael Zucchet and double-winner Durfee, will be awarded their prizes at January’s SDDC meeting.

Only five people entered the Spring 2006 Political Pundit Contest:

5. Tedd Bunce (253 points, 16 correct) 4. Michael Zucchet (256 points, 17 correct) 3. Ed Lehman (265 points, 19 correct) 2. Jess Durfee (266 points, 18 correct)

1. Mel Merrill (270 points, 19 correct)

The person who scored highest on this April 2006 quiz by Kevin Davis was Mel Merrill, who was the ONLY person to enter. He more or less got seven out of ten answers. If you have any proposed questions for a future quiz, send them in to trivia at sddemoclub org.

  1. If the President of the United States had died in 1964, who would have succeeded him as president?
  2. According to the U.S. Constitution, how many Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court should there be?
  3. Name the LGBT Democratic clubs in San Francisco.
  4. How many current members of the San Diego Democratic Club Board have served as club president?
  5. The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force was formed by activists who quit what organization?
  6. Who signed the first fundraising letter circulated by the Human Rights Campaign?
  7. When was the first Democratic National Convention where openly gay and lesbian delegates addressed the convention on LGBT issues?
  8. History books say that the first U.S. President was born in Virginia on February 22, 1732. If you had asked any American colonist to write the date on the day of the president’s birth, what would they have put down?
  9. How many of the last six U.S. Presidents have received a graduate or undergraduate degree from Yale University (not including honorary degrees)?
  10. Who was the wife of the U.S. President who preceded Lincoln?


Top ten scorers in the Fall 2005 Political Pundit Contest
10. Clark Williams (Chair, Silicon Valley Stonewall Democrats) – 105 points 9. Alex Sachs – 119 points 8. Stephen Whitburn – 122 points 7. Jess Durfee – 128 points 6. Jonathan Hayes – 129 points 5. Tedd Bunce – 130 points 3. (tie) George Gastil & Rand Conley – 133 points 2. Ed Lehman – 134 points 1. Bill Collins (who predicted all races accurately, thus earning the maximum of 136 points)
Nineteen SDDC members entered the Club's Fall 2004 Pundit Contest, with prizes going to the three best. After months of court cases and the impending resignation of one race's victor, we finally know the results. The Top Ten entrants are:
10. Jess Durfee (471 points) 9. Maria Plasencia (478 points) 7. (tie) Hon. George Gastil and Deputy Mayor Michael Zucchet (490 points) 6. Stephen Whitburn (497 points) 5. Ed Lehman (507 points) 4. Doug Case (533 points) 3. Jeri Dilno (548 points) 2. Tedd Bunce (559 points) 1. Rand Conley (564 points)

The February 2005 Black History Month Quiz, developed (as have been all of the quizzes below) by Jeri Dilno, is here for you to try. You can check your guesses against the answers.

There was a tie or first place among those who took the quiz at the meeting: Ted Bunce and Mel Merrill each scored 20 out of a possible 24. Brad Jacobson and Craig Roberts were third and fourth. There will be a tie-breaker at the March meeting to award the prize.

Quiz and answers

At the March 2004 SDDC meeting, we had a Women’s History Month quiz. The winner was last year’s second place finisher: Brad Jacobsen, with a score of 18 out of 20. Brad was one of three contestants to correctly answer the bonus question. Ted Bunce finished second with 16 points, also correctly answering the bonus. Third place finisher, Mark Conlan, had a near perfect score, getting 15 of the first 16 questions, but missed the bonus. The majority of entrants finished with a score of 12.

Quiz and Answers

At the February 2004 SDDC meeting, we had a quiz on Black History Month. Try the quiz and check out the answers (these are PDF files).

The winner at the meeting was Bryan Wildenthal with 18 out of a possible 20. Second place: Mel Merrill with 17. Third: Four with 16—Brad Jacobsen, Alex Sachs, George Gastil and Laura Bloom.

At the March 2003 meeting, we had a quiz on famous women. The answers are below. Note that questions 22 and 23 had two valid answers.

There were 21 entries to the contest. The winner of the quiz was Ellis Rose with a total of 23 correct answers. Second place with 22 correct answers was Brad Jacobson, who gets a special mention for being the only one to have the correct answer to question 21—Billy Tipton. Third place with 21 correct answers was the dual entry of Gloria Johnson and Terry Abrams.

  1. The first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and the first woman to fly solo over the Pacific Ocean. Amelia Earhart
  2. She is known as the “mother of the civil rights movement.” Rosa Parks
  3. Founders of the Daughters of Bilitis in 1955. Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon
  4. A slave who became a conductor on the underground railroad. Harriet Tubman
  5. The Queen of England from 1533 to 1603. Elizabeth I
  6. The winner of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. Mother Theresa
  7. Holocaust Diarist. Anne Frank
  8. Founder of the Social Responsibilities Roundtable of the American Library Association – perhaps the first lesbian/gay caucus in a professional organization. Barbara Gitting s
  9. Known for her work to ban land mines. Diana, Princess of Wales
  10. Married Joe DiMaggio on Jan. 4, 1954. Marilyn Monroe
  11. Movie star whose first leading role was in “National Velvet.” Elizabeth Taylor
  12. She dedicated her life to the study of chimpanzees. Jane Goodall
  13. Founder of Project 10, a support group for LGBT students. Virginia Uribe
  14. Her face is on the US dollar coin. Sacagawea
  15. Married her first cousin, and later became the first lady. Eleanor Roosevelt
  16. Founded the American Red Cross. Clara Barton
  17. First woman elected to Congress. Jeanette Rankin
  18. Pioneer nurse and founder of modern nursing. Florence Nightingale
  19. First woman on a US coin. Susan B. Anthony
  20. First woman Supreme Court Justice. Sandra Day O’Connor
  21. Saxophonist and jazz bandleader of the 40’s. Billy Tipton
  22. Classic silver screen actress who is now 93 years old. Katherine Hepburn or Gloria Stuart
  23. Gold medal gymnast with a perfect 10. Nadia Comaneci or Mary Lou Retton (Nadia was first)
  24. President John Adams’s wife. Abigail Adams
  25. Lesbian inductee into the San Diego Women’s Hall of Fame. Gloria Johnson