Learning From 2014: Web Design Trends That Would Still Be Useful Today! [Infographic]

In 2014, content marketers predicted that 84% of users would use their smartphones to navigate the internet. To make sure smartphone users can access information without much trouble, responsive web design has become popular with mobile navigation.

Meanwhile, the focus of marketing goes back to original business content rather than curation. While creating original content could consume vast resources, minimalist and flat-design content is the best way to introduce new audiences and guarantee conversions.

How PerfectFitSystem Successfully Use a One Page Website Design

If you are always browsing or surfing the web, you can always notice the changes and the varieties of websites. Some have a lot of pages or links, some have one or two sidebars, and for now, people are already using a one page website design.

A one page website is an impressive technique to those who have multiple pages. It is very beneficial to both the viewer and the owner of the website since it is easier to maintain and it makes a website faster to load.

For example is the website of Perfect Fit System (perfectfitsystem.co.uk):

They had six pages on their website, however each pages only tackles small contents that’s why it made it easier for them to combine each pages into a one single page website. There is a menu that ones you will click it, you will be automatically scrolled to that part of the page.
The first part of their menu is the “What is it?” button, it is the very first part of the page that you can see once you open their website. It tackles what the business is all about and what they offer. Next one is the “Gallery”, once you click it from the menu, you will be automatically scrolled down to the gallery which showcases the images of the products such as Perfect Fit Blinds.

Perfect Fit System also have a “How it works” button that you can always check on to read on the specifications and the requirements with what’s supposed to be done with their products. And if you are confused with what you have seen in the gallery, this one page website also had the blind types or the specifications of each type of blind that you have seen from the “Blind types” in the menu. And they have also shared their ideas where the said blinds are perfect to be displayed in a specific room from their “Room usage.” And the last part of this one page website is their “Where to buy” button in the menu. Once you click it, you will be scrolled to the end part of the website and the specifications where and how to buy their blinds are discussed.

You actually don’t have to worry once you are scrolled down automatically because the menu will always remain at the top or the header. And all of them are always accessible. However, there are some part of the website that were not included on this one page website, such as the “About” and “Contact” page because they are all stored in the website’s footer.

Perfect Fit System’s blogs weren’t also displayed from the said one page website because they already have numbers of blogs with long contents. But still, having this one page website can help Perfect Fit System a lot because more people prefer websites that are easier to navigate and loads faster than expected especially as they showcase a gallery of their products.

An Effective Web Design [Infographic]

A web design is compared to the human body. Each part has its own function that when put together functions as one. This means, each part contribute to the execution of the whole site. One wrong move could lead to losses. To have an effective website, this infographic tries to break down the parts and explain the function of each. effective_web_design_s1

Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

You have decided to join the online business world. You’ve read about almost everything on online marketing strategies and learned that the very first step is to build your company profile online through your own website. Let’s face it, because you own a small business, investments are vital – and where you put your investment must be carefully considered as you think of the return of investment (of course!). It is understood that you are operating on a shoestring budget for now. Added to this, you know that your website is vital for your branding and marketing.

You want to sell your product or service in your website and that any visitor is a potential client. First impression lasts. Build a good impression by avoiding these common mistakes of business websites. You may avoid losing thousands in revenues as well.

Website is a mess. Before making a design, know what you want first. Who are the potential market? What is the demographic? These should be reflected in your website. Users should easily discover on the first page where to go next as they are in your site. Experts say that when a visitor comes in and in 3 seconds they have a difficulty understanding the site or are confused what to do next, the website is not worth visiting again. So they leave and never come back.

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Unclear or No call to action. Your website should always indicate what to do next. Visitors come to your site knowing what they want. So, lead them what to do next (remember the 3 seconds rule).

 Content is uninteresting or not updated. It is such a tragedy that you spent time and money building your website but does not update it. Visitors are potential clients (if haven’t established customers yet) so they would want to know your latest product prices as well. Blogs must be up to date. Note that the more blogs you post, the more likely you will get more visitors. Think about a visitor being disappointed because he sees that your last blog post was 2 years ago. The customer will think that the products are of the same age as well and leave ASAP. Moreover, nowadays, users often surf using their smartphones. Your website should be compatible with that platform as well.

Spreading yourself too thin. Remember delegating? These mistakes may be because you are too focused trying to avoid costs that you do everything yourself. Tsk tsk tsk. Too focused on ROI? You don’t need to spend too much on your website. At least, someone with experience in design who understands what you want may do your website justice and who knows, get you visitors and generate leads.

What other mistakes do you think business owners make?