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Learning From 2014: Web Design Trends That Would Still Be Useful Today! [Infographic]

In 2014, content marketers predicted that 84% of users would use their smartphones to navigate the internet. To make sure smartphone users can access information without much trouble, responsive web design has become popular with mobile navigation.

Meanwhile, the focus of marketing goes back to original business content rather than curation. While creating original content could consume vast resources, minimalist and flat-design content is the best way to introduce new audiences and guarantee conversions.

How PerfectFitSystem Successfully Use a One Page Website Design

If you are always browsing or surfing the web, you can always notice the changes and the varieties of websites. Some have a lot of pages or links, some have one or two sidebars, and for now, people are already using a one page website design.

A one page website is an impressive technique to those who have multiple pages. It is very beneficial to both the viewer and the owner of the website since it is easier to maintain and it makes a website faster to load.

For example is the website of Perfect Fit System (

They had six pages on their website, however each pages only tackles small contents that’s why it made it easier for them to combine each pages into a one single page website. There is a menu that ones you will click it, you will be automatically scrolled to that part of the page.
The first part of their menu is the “What is it?” button, it is the very first part of the page that you can see once you open their website. It tackles what the business is all about and what they offer. Next one is the “Gallery”, once you click it from the menu, you will be automatically scrolled down to the gallery which showcases the images of the products such as Perfect Fit Blinds.

Perfect Fit System also have a “How it works” button that you can always check on to read on the specifications and the requirements with what’s supposed to be done with their products. And if you are confused with what you have seen in the gallery, this one page website also had the blind types or the specifications of each type of blind that you have seen from the “Blind types” in the menu. And they have also shared their ideas where the said blinds are perfect to be displayed in a specific room from their “Room usage.” And the last part of this one page website is their “Where to buy” button in the menu. Once you click it, you will be scrolled to the end part of the website and the specifications where and how to buy their blinds are discussed.

You actually don’t have to worry once you are scrolled down automatically because the menu will always remain at the top or the header. And all of them are always accessible. However, there are some part of the website that were not included on this one page website, such as the “About” and “Contact” page because they are all stored in the website’s footer.

Perfect Fit System’s blogs weren’t also displayed from the said one page website because they already have numbers of blogs with long contents. But still, having this one page website can help Perfect Fit System a lot because more people prefer websites that are easier to navigate and loads faster than expected especially as they showcase a gallery of their products.

An Effective Web Design [Infographic]

A web design is compared to the human body. Each part has its own function that when put together functions as one. This means, each part contribute to the execution of the whole site. One wrong move could lead to losses. To have an effective website, this infographic tries to break down the parts and explain the function of each. effective_web_design_s1

Investing On Business Equipment

businessMaintaining a business will require business and office equipment that you and your employees will use. With correct and careful use of these office and business equipment, the money that was used to invest on such equipment will not be wasted with unnecessary repairs.

When you finally decide to take your online shop to the next level and purchase or put up a Kensington landscaping business, you should be also aware that you are not just inventing in that office or business establishment, but also investing in the equipment and people that you will use for successful business operation. The first of these equipments that you need to have would be the office tables and chairs. Many business enterprise nowadays, no longer use the wide table space with large leather chairs but is quite amenable to the modular or mobile office partitions.

One of the advantage of choosing such type of partitions is that it conserves the budget of the company. Mobile partitions are quite easy to assemble and does not require a lot of people to work on it. Aside from this, it also does not create too much noise from pounding hammers and sawing wood as well as painting materials. Once the partitions are delivered, a small group of two to four persons can help each other to have it assembled, thus having an office partition in about four to five hours, depending on the size and quantity of the partitions ordered.

You should also take into account the equipment used by your employees. They should be kept sharp, clean and free from dirt in order to use its optimum function. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry if you have landscape gardeners in acton in your business, as they will surely take care of the equipment that they need in order to deliver the best service to the clients.

However, when it comes to office equipment like the printer, computer, telephone and facsimile machine units, it is recommended to purchase the new ones. This is not to say that the old or second hand type is not a good buy, but the new ones will provide you with the up-to-date models. In addition, warranty for service repairs can easily be managed when you purchase new ones. Unlike the second hand computer and other office machines, the warranty card and receipts will be no longer available which will pose as a future problem when the machine breaks down.

Window blinds can also be used instead of an enclosed room if privacy is wanted. Blinds can be purchased either in brand new and second-hand status. It is important to choose a color that goes well with the overall paint color of the walls of your office to provide relief for the eyes as well as support the general aesthetic appearance of your office.

For new employees, a small orientation can be organized for proper usage of office equipment, what to do should technical problems arise, trouble shooting procedures as well as reporting and calling for repair and maintenance services. This way, employees who have access to use such equipment will be informed of next steps to take when equipment problems arise.

Guide to Marketing Strategies

marketingHave you tried our new product? Almost every time you say this to the people you meet, you can almost see them fleeing from the conversation. In order to take effective steps in your marketing strategies, you should take note what consumers are looking for products.

Applicable to any Lifestyle. What do you look for every time you are trying out a new product? Do you look for its applicability in your lifestyle? Well, almost everything in the market is applicable to any individual. Rather than its application, you should look for appropriateness. Is it appropriate for your lifestyle? Will it fit your personality and the people in your life? This is one aspect that marketing experts look into. Once a product can fit any lifestyle, the product will be a sure hit.

There may be instances that the potential customer does not see any application of your product in their own life. For instance, someone that does not use candles will not likely buy the scented candle you are selling. By showing the role of scented candles in the bathroom and in the kitchen as well as the dining room, you are giving out an idea for the potential customer where the candle will be of use to him. He may not use it now, but because of the way your product is displayed, he will discover the need for it.

Durability of the Product. The next thing that a consumer looks for in a product is its durability. Durability is measured by a product’s ability to stand the test of time. In terms of consumables, the longer it serves, the better it is. A product does not last long because it is not used, but rather, it does not get easily consumed because it has the ability to provide the desired results even with minimal application.

No product is durable enough to last a lifetime, unless it is not used. For customers who seemed to be looking for the impossible, you can offer a lifetime service warranty which will help to take care of the problems that they foresee. Some customers don’t like looking for people to repair or service the product, thus they will always ask for service repair information in anticipation for the need that may arise.

Product’s Aesthetic Appeal. People are first attracted to examine an item because of its appearance. An aesthetically packaged product will mean more possibilities of being looked at. It should be able to pique the curiosity of passersby. It should also be uniquely designed so that the buyer will take pride in it once they’ve bought the product.

For instance, when you are selling products that are used in the kitchen, how do you go about showcasing the aesthetic appeal of the product? The best place would be to create a small space in your store that coordinates the color scheme of your products. The customer will then envision his kitchen to be like the kitchen you are presenting and would try to get a taste of that by buying the products shown in that sample kitchen space.

On the other hand, showcasing the effect of a service may be difficult for sellers that offer specific services like landscape or repairs. The best way to showcase this is in a museum type of room. You can show how bad the previous design or the problem areas before the landscape intervention. By highlighting the problem issues, you get to show what has been done and how the landscaping service helped the client.

Appropriate Price. Next is the price tag. Does the price give justice to its manufacturing process and the benefit it provides to the consumers? Is it readily available in case clients needed more? Another criterion that a consumer decides on whether to use a new product or not is the advantage of using it over what they got used to before your product came to existence. Will using your product be a better choice for me and the people involved in my life? Will it bear effective and faster results to the product I am currently using?

Some products will not come cheap, more so with services. However, if your marketing strategy will show that the effect of the products and service that you provide are better than what they are using, this will trigger a change of heart and your product and service will be given a chance to show its efficiency. It is this chance that should be maximized, thus it is important that the product you are marketing can deliver what it promised during the advertisement and marketing strategies.

Every Big Business Started Out Small

starting a businessStarting out your own business? Are you prepared enough to start a landscaping company in Bristol? Ever planned or tried starting your own business like bristol garden design services? If you already did, then good for you – you already know how it feels to venture out and try your luck. For some, a business venture, no matter what scale, is a difficult one to start with. To start your own business means a lot – which means a lot of sacrifices, hard work, patience, perseverance and determination.

What is the first and most important before you start embarking on this endeavor? To start with, ascertain your product and the consumers it will cater to. In business terms, a question such as, “Do you have a market for your product?” meant assuring that before you decided to go out and do business, a good amount of consumers will buy your product. Basically, it is what every selling and service-oriented commercial enterprise needs – the customers. Without buyers, there’s no need for the product, which also means, no gains for you and your company.

Let’s say you have a market. The next important point to know is, how well do you know your market and your product to ensure success​? When we say success, it does not connote immediate large-scale gains, but a fair amount of profit to start with. As your clients increase, also is their needs, their specifications and their knowledge about your product or service. How well do you know the ins and outs of what you are presenting to them?

For example, you like the idea of starting your own business of making candles. You enjoy making candles, you like what you do and you even reinvent the product – but when a buyer comes with technical knowledge of it, how well can you respond? Will you be able to satisfy his inquiries and later close a deal? If he starts blabbering on the essential oils and advantages of aluminum or copper base wicks, what will you do? It is important that before you really start, you have enough knowledge to start with. This knowledge can arise from various sources: books, media, research outputs and publications, magazines.

But there is one knowledge that customers will give high regard – that knowledge that grow from your own usage of the product or service you are offering. You are in the better position if you use your products. Why? Problems that will arise can be given better solutions. Complaints can be better pacified and facilitated. Because you also use your product, you can already troubleshoot any question that may come. It’s like having a solution before someone experienced it.

No two situations are the same, in the same way, no two products are the same, as well as the responses of each buyer. One guiding light that you can use is, if you enjoy and use your products and services, there is also a good chance that many will have the same experience. It’s just a matter of keeping your head and actions together and never overestimate the demand for the supply – as quickly as they rise, it is also quick in going back to a plateau.

Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

You have decided to join the online business world. You’ve read about almost everything on online marketing strategies and learned that the very first step is to build your company profile online through your own website. Let’s face it, because you own a small business, investments are vital – and where you put your investment must be carefully considered as you think of the return of investment (of course!). It is understood that you are operating on a shoestring budget for now. Added to this, you know that your website is vital for your branding and marketing.

You want to sell your product or service in your website and that any visitor is a potential client. First impression lasts. Build a good impression by avoiding these common mistakes of business websites. You may avoid losing thousands in revenues as well.

Website is a mess. Before making a design, know what you want first. Who are the potential market? What is the demographic? These should be reflected in your website. Users should easily discover on the first page where to go next as they are in your site. Experts say that when a visitor comes in and in 3 seconds they have a difficulty understanding the site or are confused what to do next, the website is not worth visiting again. So they leave and never come back.

 download (10)

Unclear or No call to action. Your website should always indicate what to do next. Visitors come to your site knowing what they want. So, lead them what to do next (remember the 3 seconds rule).

 Content is uninteresting or not updated. It is such a tragedy that you spent time and money building your website but does not update it. Visitors are potential clients (if haven’t established customers yet) so they would want to know your latest product prices as well. Blogs must be up to date. Note that the more blogs you post, the more likely you will get more visitors. Think about a visitor being disappointed because he sees that your last blog post was 2 years ago. The customer will think that the products are of the same age as well and leave ASAP. Moreover, nowadays, users often surf using their smartphones. Your website should be compatible with that platform as well.

Spreading yourself too thin. Remember delegating? These mistakes may be because you are too focused trying to avoid costs that you do everything yourself. Tsk tsk tsk. Too focused on ROI? You don’t need to spend too much on your website. At least, someone with experience in design who understands what you want may do your website justice and who knows, get you visitors and generate leads.

What other mistakes do you think business owners make?


Components Required For Internet Marketing

Components Required For Internet Marketing

COMPUTER. Any computer, it does not have to be anything special, but preferably not older than 7-8 years. You do not need these latest 64-bit computers.

E-MAIL ORDER. Unlike the formerly dominant local e-mail programs (Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, etc.), today they are dominated by webmail services like Google Mail (Gmail), Yahoo Mail (Ymail) and others.

PDF PROGRAM. PDF is a form that is widely popular for the exchange of documents on the Internet. PDF files can be displayed in the web browser itself and can be downloaded to your computer. To view PDF files, but also to transfer them to other formats – for example, images, create PDF files, and others, use the free PDF-Xchange Viewer

CONTRIBUTIONS TO DIFFERENT SOCIAL NETWORKS. Primarily Facebook, Twitter and now more popular Google+

FORUMS – Forums are the online community of expansions of social networks. They are still very popular among people with similar interests. People have countless interests and so have a myriad of forums.

VIDEO PROCESSING. In Windows OS, you have built-in Microsoft Movie Maker from the old Windows XP with Service Pack 3.

PICTURE PROCESSING. You do not need Photoshop or Corel. These are programs for designers, graphic preparation … For easy manipulation of the images you need in every operating system built-in programs, for example in the windows OS program Paint, just explore your operating system

CONTRIBUTIONS TO DIFFERENT PHOTO SERVICES. What will they do? As you know when you create your blog or site, you can send an image from your computer to your personal account at that service. We had this in a lesson on the Word Word blog and image posting.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Depending on what you are going to do and which market you plan to cover, you will need to a lesser or greater degree some knowledge of the English language. The most popular Internet services and programs are largely localized to languages with ex-YU space.

WEB CAMERA. It is desirable that you have it when communicating with others, for example, video calls to Skype, webinars where you will use a webcam, video conferencing with multiple participants, etc., to establish a closer relationship with the audience.

SKYPE. The name itself speaks. Download it from the official Skype website. It will also help you with training at Net School and the next day in the work to make video calls with other people around the world for free.

AVATAR. Avatars are small thumbnails that appear next to your comments on blogs, forums, etc.

SERVICES FOR EXCHANGING LARGE FILES. Sometimes it will be necessary for you to allow others to download a large file from you.

Web Design

Web Design

Web design can be one of the most useful and profitable skills you can acquire in your professional career.

How to Become a Web Designer?

When we say “I want to learn web design” it’s like saying “I want to learn to cook”. There are thousands of different recipes and different styles of cooking. We also have a number of specific tools and principles that every designer needs to know. Since web design is such a wide area, many people are wondering where to start. Because of the over-selection, the majority never begins to learn this area.

The web design area is in constant development and it is imperative that you keep up with events and follow the new trends.

Where to start?

The most important graphics software that you must learn to use is Adobe Photoshop and possibly Adobe Illustrator. In addition, we recommend learning Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Dreamweaver. These programs are not complicated for learning, but they are very complex and it will take time to master them.


You will also need to learn basic web technologies and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. It is necessary to have an excellent knowledge of the first two technologies to start, and a great bonus is if you try to learn and everyone else. And of course, as an essential element for creating successful websites, you need to get acquainted with the basics of SEO optimization. The two most important things that you should possess as a web designer are the sense of aesthetics and a proactive approach to technologies. Although some people may have more or less sense in these skills, with a little training, everyone can achieve a satisfying level of knowledge.

Start from the base

According to our experience, the first step to take is getting to know basic web technologies (HTML and CSS) instead of focusing on software work such as Adobe Dreamweaver. HTML is the essence of every modern website, while CSS is responsible for styling this structure. Depending on the type of learning that suits you more, you can start with a good book, or opt for tutorials.


And in the end, we highlight one of the best learning resources through video tutorials – This is a resource that is not free, but given the quality of the materials you offer, your investment will be paid off in multiple ways.


Welcome to the home page of the San Diego Democratic Club, one of the largest chartered Democratic Clubs in San Diego County. Since 1975, we have been providing effective political action, advocating for fairness and equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

SDDC meets at 7 p.m. (social at 6:30 p.m.) on the fourth Thursday of every month (except July, November, and December) at the Joyce Beers Community enter (map), located on Vermont Street, two blocks north of University Avenue in the Uptown District Shopping Center in Hillcrest (across the street from Trader Joe’s).

You can e-mail us with any questions or comments at Info at sddemoclub org , telephone us at (858) 496-3312, or write us at PO Box 33050, San Diego, CA 92163.

What Is Internet Marketing?

What Is Internet Marketing?

Since you are reading this blog means that you practically have 99% of what you need in terms of equipment and programs and the only thing that still fails is some knowledge, exercise, and sometimes good advice. What do you already have: computer with internet connection, operating system (Windows or Linux) and Internet browser (some of these Firefox Mozilla – free, Internet Explorer – comes with Windows OS and is not free, Google Chrome – free or some other …).

internet marketing hindi

To successfully deal with internet marketing, you do not need any expensive programs or some special technical skills. The greatest danger to beginners in the field of internet marketing is because of some prejudices that lead to easy withdrawal even before the start. Here’s how things go through a couple of examples. Many (mistakenly) think that Internet marketing is a Web design example. Internet marketing belongs to a lot of other web designers.


  • Internet marketing enables us not only to work for ourselves, but also to work for others, and you know what the distribution of earned money is. One of the methods of quite solid earnings on the Internet is reduced to:
  • Find through the Internet developers from China or India (everyone speaks English) who will make you some interesting application, a little programmer that others may need. You can pay programmers from these countries online and their rates are low,
  • Make an internet marketing campaign and start selling this program.

Internet marketing allows you to make money and when you are not there, for example, someone can order your video course on how to hobby as a hobbyist. Someone interested and willing to pay $ 20-30 for your electronic video guide (video book) on this topic. Then, after payment, it will be automatically forwarded to the page where the video is downloaded.


Use and how the video goes through the video tells you the mail with the expressions of gratitude for making such good video lessons that have helped him to realize his long-term desire and while you are on vacation, let’s say

Tips For Beginners In Web Design

Tips For Beginners In Web Design

The advice is never enough. We’ve written about things you can not do, about how to make your site live on the Internet, we even gave you examples of sites that are very badly done. It’s now time to consult those who have just begun with web design.


Web design requires a lot of creativity, time and effort. If you are just a beginner, then you must have a few things in mind before you start designing the site. Exercise and experience will only make you a good web designer. It’s also important that you keep up with trends and pay attention to how other sites have been made.

Get started from CMS

This is the easiest and easiest way to create your site and why not use it. Install some CMS like WordPress or Joomla and get started. You will see that in a very short time you will have your site.

Learn the basics of web design

After CMS, it’s best to start HTML and CSS and learn to create your site’s design. Try to make the same design as you had on the site in the CMS.

Add animations to your site

When you experimented with CMS, you’ve certainly added Plugins, and now it’s your turn to add it to your site. You need JavaScript and Jquery skills. Try to make yourself a slider or simply find some free and customize it with your needs. We have tried and found some sliders that you can use and are completely free. You can read an article about it here.

After this, you are no longer an absolute beginner and you can start learning PHP, ASP, some Framework such as ASP MVC4 or PHP Zend.

Leave some things to the experts

You can not be the best in everything and that’s why it’s best to leave some things to the experts. You do not have to spend time on making a logo because someone will certainly be able to do it much faster and better for you. During this time you can design the structure of the site and start designing.

Draft site

Before you start designing, make a sketch of your site. Only after you have completed the sketch you can start picking colors and making pictures. It’s also important to collect content for your site to know what you need on certain sites.

What is Sunny Design Demo Club?

The club was based on the idea that "asking is of no cost," enabling those who join the forum can access an email list of professionals who voluntary lend their knowledge to novice, amateur and professional web designers and developers.



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